The Final Job List

The trouble with any building project is that as it nears completion the to-do list gets longer and longer. At least with the hull nearly painted we’re very much in the last lap with only a few big jobs left but quite a number of little ones.

There’s one footbrace done and ready to be painted.


Two more of these are required to complete the set.

There’s a rudder ready to receive its fittings.


It has a transverse tiller, to which will be attached a fore and aft extension with a universal joint. This should be much more comfortable than what most are using, involving either a bent tiller or a yoke with steering lines. Time will tell whether it works or not.

We lack a trolley, about which see comments at the end of the last post.

Other items may be beyond our ability to make, such as a boat cover and the road trailer.

3 thoughts on “The Final Job List

  • April 13, 2013 at 7:48 am

    The first coat of topcoat is now on the hull – both the main colour and the contrasting first shear (done last night). If we get enough people tomorrow, we’ll turn her and finish the insides – another undercoat required which is quite fiddly on the insides. The rudder and footbrace need rubbing down and another coat of topcoat – they are rather hairy.

    The gloss is drying much faster now, thank goodness, and we may be able to manage coats done in a week – is anyone available for painting fun on Tuesday at 1900?

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