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Jobs List for tonight – 26 September

Sorry it’s a bit late, here is the programme for tonight’s exciting instalment. Some fairies came along and sorted out the plank gains, so plank 2 is now ready to hang and we’ll get that done tonight. Plank 3 has  … Continue reading

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Naming the boat – getting the community involved

We’ve asked the school if they would be interested in getting the kids to come up with names for the boat. It has also been suggested that they could design a logo or crest to be used for the pennant, … Continue reading

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Plank One is on

Another wet Saturday was put to good use, when the first plank sections went on and three of us got a nice masterclass from Richard Pierce, now returned from his adventures in the States. Our (well, mainly my) efforts at … Continue reading

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Making Our Skiff’s Oars

I’ve been spending a wet Sunday reading the numerous postings by our skiffie friends on their experiences with different types and sizes of oars. They’re very generous in sharing their ideas but this is also quite confusing as it’s clear … Continue reading

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September 5th

Fairing up the frames to take the planks The frames are now clamped to the moulds and the inner keel piece (sorry – don’t know the right name for  this) has been glued onto them. Now this keel piece has to be bevelled and … Continue reading

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Plan for September and Job List for the 5th

We have now completed all the tasks set out for the month of August, including everything in the last job list. As a result we have the complete skeleton for our new ship, all glued up and fixed to the … Continue reading

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