Caution at the pontoon

Regular rowing has started again, but please exercise extreme caution when down at the pontoon – the Soling has tipped on her cradle. She is meant to have been moved, but in the meantime please park well away from the yacht and be very careful when moving Selkie!

To book a slot, just sign up on the tab above – come on your own, or with friends. Don’t worry if you havn’t rowed before. Have a go! After three shots, if you like it, we’ll ask you to join the club at £10 a year for over 16s. A bargain for a rowing machine with scenery.

Selkie back on station

Selkie left Big John’s at Balvicar this morning, after winter maintenance, and a crew rowed her back across the bay to Nick’s pontoon, towing the launching trolley behind us! Even with the wind behind us, it was remarkably hard work so we have decided not to take it everywhere with us after all…

John's shed

Leaving Balvicar

Balvicar Bay

It’s behind you, Ray!

Selkie is there for the community to use – just sign up on the ‘Book a Rowing Session tab’. Come along for a trial row – if you like it after three sessions, we’ll ask you to join the club @ £10 for the year.

Snowy rowing

Two of us from Seil attended the SCRA weekend regatta seminar at Loch Insh in the Cairngorms, together with over 40 skiffies from across Scotland. It was most worthwhile, full of detailed hints and information.

This morning, we ran our own mini regatta, using the Portsoy and Ardersier skiffs, with a stunning backdrop of snowy mountains in the sun. Ewan stroked the winning composite crew (with an Islay bowman) and won himself a medal!

An excellent weekend of skiffie chat and camaradie, thanks! ‘Beautiful but Baltic’


Above photographs courtesy of Ardersier Boat Club and Eskmuthe Rowing Club

Ian Bright's photo
Photograph by Ian Bright (Portsoy)


Maintenance update

Selkie is very nearly ready to move out of the shed onto the hard. The last few wee jobs are proving very time consuming and frustrating! The paint needs to cure some more but luckily the weather isn’t too enticing for rowing just now.

Most importantly of all, would anyone be able to turn a couple of thole pins for us? We have rigged her so that she can be rowed in either configuration (stroke on stroke side or stroke on bow side, confusingly!) and are a couple of pins short.

Also, the road trailer needs some modifications (see Ewan’s list of jobs). Would anyone be able to take that on? It needs to be done by mid March.