The Seil skiff makes her first Atlantic Crossing

Setting off from Fife
Setting off from Fife

 A couple of days ago our delivery team left Argyll early on a fine bright morning and made their way to the Kingdom of Fife to collect the kit. By mid afternoon she had crossed the bridge and arrived on her island for the first time. She doesn’t look much just now, but from little acorns . . .

The kit arrives in the building shed
The kit arrives in the building shed
The delivery team take a look at a Wemyss skiff under construction
This is a Wemyss skiff under construction (the Wemyss skiff is a baby sister to the St Ayles skiff)

Kit ordered, date of next meeting

We now have raised the initial sum to buy the wood for the hull and hope to start building later this month. We will continue to fundraise for the rest and have had an enthusiastic response.


Our next meeting is on Tuesday 19th June 7.30pm in Isle of Seil Hall when anyone interested in helping with the construction is invited to attend. We hope to be able to explain the building process and help needed.


We will then organise a further meeting to discuss constitutional matters such as organisation name, affiliation, design of share certificate, office bearers etc. and any thoughts on this would be very welcome as we would like to include as many people as possible.


Welcome to Seil Coastal Rowing

There are moves afoot on the Isle of Seil to become involved in the Scottish Coastal Rowing movement.  A well-attended meeting in Seil Island Hall on Thursday 16th convinced those present that there was the support, enthusiasm, facilities and skills available and so the project was launched.

The first step – as with any project – is fundraising. Initially it is hoped to fund the project by selling 64 non-redeemable shares in the boat at £60 each. (For the purposes of registration, a ship is traditionally  divided into 64 shares). Ownership of these shares will confer no special privileges when it comes  to rowing, but you will receive an attractive share certificate and be kept in touch with the project with regular newsletters should you so wish.

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