Painting this Sunday

At last, the warmer weather has enabled three coats to be done in one week. Nick’s shed was positively tropical today!

Jobs for this coming Sunday:
1. Blades to be rubbed down and final coat of ice blue applied
2. Rudder to be rubbed down and second coat of ice blue applied
3. Earwigs, slaters and general mank to be removed from the boat (!)
4. First coat of topcoat (lighter grey) to be applied to the interior

Apologies, but I will be at the Temple of Mamon on Sunday. Rollers in plastic bags on the workbench, and seperate paint trays for each colour. Suck eggs!


One thought on “Painting this Sunday

  • April 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Painting session this Wednesday (24th) at 1830 for all who can manage it! More battleship grey planned …

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