Wednesday’s painting didn’t happen

No painting today for two reasons.

Firstly, only two people turned up. The minimum number to comfortably do the inside of the boat in a session is three.

Secondly, the undercoat was still a bit soft. Paint had pooled between the stems and the planks near the keel fore and aft, and any runs were too soft to really sand down satisfactorily.

David and I scraped out the worst of the the wet stuff down the side of the stems then sanded the first coat of undercoat down  and wiped it down with white spirit. Another  quick wipe should be all that is needed before painting on Sunday.

We really need to start geting two coats a week on now – Sundays and Wednesdays – so more hands are urgently needed for the painting team if we are to launch in May. We also need some more fine sandpaper. Fine should be all we will be using on the paint from now on.

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  1. George says:

    Would Friday be any help? Robert would be available too.

  2. Ewan Kennedy says:

    I’ve just been talking to the Head Fairy and the advice is that what’s important is to get good base coats done before we launch, on the understanding that if we don’t manage as many top coats as we’d like some more work can be done later in good weather.

  3. NickB says:

    The inside has already been sanded and wiped down by myself and David on Wednesday and anyway according to Richard Pierce sanding the undercoat isn’t really necessary and white spirit can cause adhesion problems, so provided there hasn’t been a duststorm in the barn it should be possible to start painting straight away on Friday with no further preparation.

  4. George says:

    Robert and I put a coat on, taking 2 hours. We used rollers which gave far fewer runs and a better finish. I think 2 people can roller the hull in just over an hour bearing in mind that the interior had been prepared for us.
    More than 2 will just cause more wasted paint and cleaning.
    Should we try and sort out the trolley on Sunday? Before painting
    Have we colour code for topcoat? There should be no problem getting 2 coats on in a week.
    I have 2 6×2. 4m lengths.
    Anything else needed

  5. Ewan Kennedy says:

    Yes, George, we should sort out the trolley on Sunday. Before then I’ll do a rough sketch based on what I saw in Ullapool. We can then work up a construction drawing using the plan of the boat.

    As you know we’ve got the wheels and a good bit of stainless tube for the axle stubs and the handle. We need a piece of really hard wood for the main axle that the stubs get stuck into.

    If someone can get hold of a Dulux colour chart or similar we can have a go at the colour code too.

  6. Sue Fenton says:

    As head painter (or have I been demoted because I wasn’t there at Easter?), I purchased the topcoats today, alas before I saw the comments above. Johnstones as advised as were the primer and undercoats. Medium grey for the inside; slate grey for the gunwhales and top shear and a light blue for the hull, as agreed a wee whiley ago by the painting team with advice from various people around. Also some more fine sandaper and some posh masking tape for the shear. So as my credit card has had a battering, yet again, I hope that you all will agree to what we’ve got!

  7. Ewan Kennedy says:

    Oh dear, I’m sorry about my comment. Of course we’re past the stage of needing a colour chart and my brain was tripping when I saw the reference to a chart. I’ll be round tomorrow to add some new highlights to my shirt.

    • Sue Fenton says:

      Ewan – we could also start to paint the rudder etc with primer tomorrow – is it up there or in the Great Hut? Looking good btw! Could also paint the blades now we have topcoat. [I can join a midweek painting session as long as it is after work].

  8. Ewan Kennedy says:

    Sue, I’ll bring the rudder and the footbrace round. I’ve got one coat of primer on each already. See you later. Ewan

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