Names suggested by the pupils of Easdale School

A great selection. Should we organise a vote?

  • Flying Seil
  • The Skimming Seil
  • Celtic Voyager
  • SS Island
  • Monstrous Mobile
  • Seil Seagull
  • Row for Seil
  • Easdale Warrior Skiff
  • The Rocky Roller
  • Sea  Stroller
  • Skipping Seil
  • Captain Seil
  • Soul of Seil

Some Gaelic names suggested by Janet MacColl:

* Sguman         (skooman)        Skimmer (stone)

* Sgumadair     (skoomatar)      Skimmer (person)

* Sgiobair         (skeeper)          Captain

* Siaban           (sheeaban)        Sea-spray

* Cathadh-mara           (ka-hagh mara) Sea-spray

Things to do while it’s raining (apart from sanding the hull)

Rowing race on the Clyde, 1837
Rowing race on the Clyde 1837

I’ve pinched this image from a great new blog started by the well-known archivist and historian Iain MacAllister, which you can access here:-

It’s got me thinking that in addition to selecting a colour scheme we need to consider designs for our teeshirts and settle thorny issues such as whether or not our crews should wear tammies, like these fine fellows on the Clyde. We should also have a nice ensign and will need to decide on which end to put the staff. Most have it on the stern, but here is a precedent for the bow.

This is a great way for people with artistic and graphic skills to come aboard the project.

Incidentally the rowing seems to be a version of randan, where a middle fellow sculls with two oars while bow and stern have one each. Here there are two middle men rowing side by side.

It all goes to show we’re doing nothing new in coastal rowing.


About 20 people turned up today to help turn the boat over and enjoy a modest celebration of this milestone with mulled wine and mince pies.

Now it looks like a boat!

She looks wonderful – straight and true and such a pretty shape. Next task is cleaning up the inside – a lot of careful and painstaking work with a hot air gun and a sharp chisel to  remove the excess epoxy from the inside.


Possible colour schemes for our skiff

Cream & slate 


Please vote for the colour scheme you prefer, and /or leave a comment below with other suggestions for colour schemes and your preference for contrasting stems/keel or contrasting colour  below the waterline.

Which colour scheme do you prefer?

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Sunday 4 November

Today we should get the external stems and the first section of our two part keel on and finish the filleting and rounding of the plank edges without too much trouble. Putting on the second part of the keel can follow before next Sunday, when with any luck we can turn the hull over.

Those who’ve been following will see that this is a change from the original schedule, involving getting the paint on before turning, decided because it keeps the joinery work flowing through to a conclusion.

We need to collect more views about the proposed colour scheme. I’ve had a call from those on high (representing race umpires) saying that it’s difficult to tell so many cream hulls apart, as most clubs are going for cream or white. The slate sheerstrake remains a favourite however – unusual and a great local reference. Let’s have some views on alternatives to cream that could go well with slate. Pale apple green maybe, or light duck-egg blue?