Final push!

This weekend, Saturday AND Sunday at 1000. Final push to get the maintenance and mods finished, so that we can clear out of the shed.

The skiff will rest outside for a wee bit (with the cover on!) before we row her back, as the paint needs a chance to cure properly before we abuse her all over again.

Thanks for all the help over the past couple of weeks.

Isle of Mull Launch

The Isle of Mull rowing club are to launch their skiff on 15 March at Tobermory, and have invited Selkie to attend. They are hoping to have a cruise round the harbour in company on the 16th.

[Around seven folk from the club came over to have a trial row in Selkie in the autumn, and talked oars etc in the T&T afterwards … a very congenial crew]

Anyone fancy a weekend in Mull?

Winter Maintenance (2)

The outside of the hull is now painted – hopefully the paint will be dry enough to safely turn the hull back onto the launching trolley on Saturday 18th January @1000 – the more the merrier for this job! We can then start on the inside, measure up the bow seat etc (see Ewan’s post below for the complete list). The oars and rudder are away to be varnished, thank you Ray & Mary.

We’ll also meet on Sunday 19th January @1000 as we only have use of John McFarlane’s shed for two weeks …

REGATTA SEMINAR 15/16 February

A draft programme is posted below:

2014 Regatta and Events Seminar
Loch Insch 15/16 February 2014

Itinerary Saturday 15 Feb

12 Noon-1230 : Arrival, Greeting, Light lunch

1230- 1330 Race courses/ Race Types

1330- 1400 Categories (and Prizes!)

1400-1415 Tea/ Coffee

1415-1500 Entries: Limits, Invitation, Deadlines, Admin, Notice of Race, Risk Assessment

1445-1545 On the day 1: Coxes Briefing, Access/ Egress, Rules of Racing, Running to Time

1545-1600 On the day 2: Catering, Entertainment, First Aid

1600-1630 After the Event: Photos, Media, Results, Reports, Wash up, Planning for next event.

1630-1645 Tea/ Coffee

1645-1715 Final Planning for Mini-Regatta, Recap of Seminar

1715-1800 Workshop for those planning your own events (optional)

1900 Dinner

Itinerary Sunday 16 February 2014

0930 Coxes Briefing

10-1100 Racing

1100-1130 Single buoy Turn Umpire Practice

1200-1230 Lessons Learned, Regatta Washup, Prizegiving

Course Materials

Delegate List

Rules of Racing 2013

Completed Risk Assessment

Blank Risk Assessment

Example Notice of Race

Chartlets of Regatta Venues (for discussion as to which type of race course might suit the area)

Winter job list

Work starts in  John McFarlane’s big new shed at 10.00 am on Sunday 12 January – see Sue’s comment in last post

With Selkie safely inside (see pics of the trip across below) we’ve got two weeks to complete her winter maintenance, so here goes with the start of a job list. The good news is that it’s extremely short, as she’s travelled a lot of sea and road miles with remarkably little damage.

The hull will take a few days to dry out and we’ll start on the outside, which will be ready for the first session on Sunday. 

Please treat the following as a provisional list and feel free to add suggestions by way of comments.

 Outside of hull

Lightly sand the lowest five strakes to give a key. Apply two coats top coat.  

Repair small damaged section where stem has been caught by the trailer. This needs thickened epoxy, which can only be applied once the stem is totally dry, so this area must be kept clear of paint.

The sheerstrake requires touching up where needed. I don’t think it needs a complete coat of paint.

Inside of hull

Remove mast step and stroke footrest fitting. I’ll take these away and coat them with epoxy to stabilise them.

Remove thole pins.

Clean then sand interior, removing any paint runs etc. Apply two coats paint.

Forward Seat

Make and instal a seat to same pattern as the cox seat. We can measure for this and I’ll make a kit of parts for it.

We can source a piece of heavy duty netting to go under the seat as an alternative to a locker for the anchor, flares etc.


I’ll do a separate note about shifting the pin positions aft and changing the stroke side to starboard. Most of this to be done off the boat, apart from drilling the gunwales.


The existing ones at positions 1, 2 and 3 need adjusting to give intermediate positions, also to make them easier to use. Eventually we can make new ones if we adopt longer oars.

Launching trolley

Add some wood to position the bow in correct position when loaded on.

Road trailer

Adjust forward block so that it engages with the polyprop strip.

Drill number plate supports for pins to give a positive position.

Jan trip to Balvicar 1 Jan trip to Balvicar 2 Jan trip to Balvicar 3

Winter Maintenance

John MacFarlane has kindly made his boatshed at Balvicar available for a couple of weeks – many thanks!

A crew will row Selkie round this Wednesday at noon, weather permitting. Extra hands at the Balvicar end would be appreciated as well. The skiff will be dried out, and work will start as soon as possible. There are some small woodworking jobs and painting needed. All volunteers are welcome. Watch this space for times.

Rowing into 2014

Rowing into 2014 …

1. There is to be an SCRA course on regatta organisation, at Loch Insch (near Kincraig in the Cairngorms) over 15/16 February. Please comment below if you are interested in attending (there will be shared accommodation and board etc to pay for). Transport could be shared.

2. Is anyone keen to join an RYA VHF radio course, on a Saturday in January/February? We would need at least four on the course. Cost tbc. Radios are used to start races etc and are very handy in waters with intermittent mobile signals. Again, please comment below if you are keen.


A New Year’s Day outing today – serenaded by a bagpiper!

New Years Day 2013 006 copy

Selkie survived the storms, thanks to various folk looking out for her. At one point, she blew off the launching trolley … sadly, we have lost a door to the lifejacket store aka ‘fridge’.

However, John McFarlane has kindly offered his boatshed for Selkie’s winter maintenance, which will start in a couple of weeks. All hands welcome. Watch this space!