Names suggested by the pupils of Easdale School

A great selection. Should we organise a vote?

  • Flying Seil
  • The Skimming Seil
  • Celtic Voyager
  • SS Island
  • Monstrous Mobile
  • Seil Seagull
  • Row for Seil
  • Easdale Warrior Skiff
  • The Rocky Roller
  • Sea  Stroller
  • Skipping Seil
  • Captain Seil
  • Soul of Seil

Some Gaelic names suggested by Janet MacColl:

* Sguman         (skooman)        Skimmer (stone)

* Sgumadair     (skoomatar)      Skimmer (person)

* Sgiobair         (skeeper)          Captain

* Siaban           (sheeaban)        Sea-spray

* Cathadh-mara           (ka-hagh mara) Sea-spray

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8 Responses to Names suggested by the pupils of Easdale School

  1. Liam Crouse says:

    I agree with Mrs Nic Colla, it would be nice to have a Gaelic name on her. I think ‘Sgumadair’ is highly commendable and would be my choice: an good Seileach name! Suas i!

  2. Sue Fenton says:

    I know that Nick is sensitive about NOT using an Easdale School suggestion for our skiff name, but the naming subcommittee (!) should also be aware of these other suggestions which have come my way:

    Seillean (= honeybee in the gaelic)
    St Brendan of Clonfert
    A Slate Island, preferably uninhabited (!) eg Belnahua
    Maid of Lorn
    Seilleach (gluten-free version, obviously)

    And as for the T shirts, how about slate stripes (with sage/cream …)

    Merry Christmas all!

  3. NickB says:

    There is already a local vessel called Belnahua.

    How about Maid of Ply ?

    Or . . . Scarba ?

  4. Ewan Kennedy says:

    My own suggestion was Seamew, which is almost one of the School suggestions, but we’ve got a few other good ones as well. Perhaps Brendan/Brandon and Vreckan could be added to the list. Vreckan has the advantage of not being a saint, but then he did get drowned. Brendan did some voyages and is a very local reference. I don’t know if he got drowned or killed by a Viking.

    Remember that the word SEIL will need to be on the end of the boat, for the benefit of the race officers, so we shouldn’t repeat it in the name.

    Maid of Lorn is a lovely wee yacht designed by Alfred Mylne that belongs to Professor Blackie and there are quite a few Kelpies and Selkies around (my yellow boat is Kelpie btw).

    It’s time for a vote, as we’ve had over a month to collect suggestions, so maybe we should announce a deadline for final suggestions, then make up a short list?

  5. coxswain says:

    Short and sweet – Mara

    or Murchadh – Sea Warrior. Harder to pronounce though.

  6. Sue Fenton says:

    How about incorporating Seil into the name, is that allowed? for instance Sound of Seil or Isle of Seil. Alternatively Sea Slater (and that dosn’t refer to the slugs who are going to row her).

    A secret ballot?

  7. Sue Fenton says:

    Fairy Foxglove

  8. NickB says:

    Nice one Sue, but the Seilachan has gone to press so we can’t really add any more. I’m going to add a new post with a poll so everyone can have a vote.

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