Things to do while it’s raining (apart from sanding the hull)

Rowing race on the Clyde, 1837
Rowing race on the Clyde 1837

I’ve pinched this image from a great new blog started by the well-known archivist and historian Iain MacAllister, which you can access here:-

It’s got me thinking that in addition to selecting a colour scheme we need to consider designs for our teeshirts and settle thorny issues such as whether or not our crews should wear tammies, like these fine fellows on the Clyde. We should also have a nice ensign and will need to decide on which end to put the staff. Most have it on the stern, but here is a precedent for the bow.

This is a great way for people with artistic and graphic skills to come aboard the project.

Incidentally the rowing seems to be a version of randan, where a middle fellow sculls with two oars while bow and stern have one each. Here there are two middle men rowing side by side.

It all goes to show we’re doing nothing new in coastal rowing.