Sunday 4 November

Today we should get the external stems and the first section of our two part keel on and finish the filleting and rounding of the plank edges without too much trouble. Putting on the second part of the keel can follow before next Sunday, when with any luck we can turn the hull over.

Those who’ve been following will see that this is a change from the original schedule, involving getting the paint on before turning, decided because it keeps the joinery work flowing through to a conclusion.

We need to collect more views about the proposed colour scheme. I’ve had a call from those on high (representing race umpires) saying that it’s difficult to tell so many cream hulls apart, as most clubs are going for cream or white. The slate sheerstrake remains a favourite however – unusual and a great local reference. Let’s have some views on alternatives to cream that could go well with slate. Pale apple green maybe, or light duck-egg blue?

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