Summer 2017

Outings are routinely scheduled, by request, for Fridays at 1800, and Sundays at 1400, although of course folk can row at any time. The midweek afternoon outings have been abandoned as it is always very difficult to get enough folk interested. Should we continue to have fixed times, or should it always be ad hoc?

The routine is that the first one to pop their name up emails members 24 hours before the proposed outing, should there be a gap in the crew. Sue puts up the post, on the ‘Book A Rowing Session‘ each week, but this does not necessarily mean that she is free to row, unless she puts her name down of course! Occasionally, more exciting opportunities are also advertised on our facebook page.

Just to whet your appetite:

Sunday 14 May Glencoe
Melfort Muster 27 May
Loch Sunart Raid, 10/11 June
Iona Regatta, 28-30 July
CASTLE TO CRANE, 23 September (Clyde)
Tay Row, on a date (midweek) to be confirmed by Seil members.

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