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I am sorry, but I can’t contact everyone individually – committing to a particular row is up to you! Skiffing is a group activity and can’t proceed without a full crew. So if you put your name down, and don’t show, that lets everyone else down.

AGM, Friday 7 December

The club’s AGM will be held on Friday 7 December, in Seil Island Hall at 1930. Items for the agenda by 1 December please.

The RNLI’s community safety officer, from the Borders, will be running a lifejacket clinic etc. Please encourage all boatie friends to come to along.

RNLI Christmas cards etc will be on sale


1. Apologies
2. Draft minutes of the 2017 AGM
3. Matters arising
4. Convenor’s report
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Election of Officers and Working Group
7. Membership fees
8. Winter maintenance

SCRA Club Development Weekend

Three delegates from Seil (Ewan, James & Louise) are attending SCRA’s Club Development Weekend over Easter, in Anstruther. Sue is also attending as an SCRA committee member/organiser.
Workshops include warming-up for rowing, fixed seat technique, racing coxing, lifejacket maintenance, Man Overboard drill (with the RNLI), adaptive rowing, safeguarding, fundraising etc etc – and networking with around 140 other skiffies! There is also the chance to see around the Fisheries Museum, the home of the St Ayles skiff.
The plan is for the lucky three to trickle down their new knowledge to the rest of the club.


The 5th AGM of the club will be held on Friday 8th December at 1930 in Seil island Hall (small hall).

There will be a talk by the Coastguard, refreshments and a raffle.

All welcome!

Any additional items for the agenda, AOCB, by 1 December, please.

1. Apologies
2. Draft minutes of the 2016 AGM
3. Matters arising
4. Convenor’s report
5. Treasurer’s report
6. Election of Officers and Working Group (formerly Management Committee)
7. Membership fees
8. Winter maintenance

Castle to Crane

Selkie recently took part in the inaugural Castle to Crane (C2C) regatta, rowing the 13 miles from Dumbarton to the Finneston Crane on the Clyde.

76 boats took part, with 407 participants. Crews came from USA, Netherlands, Eire, Wales, England and Northern Ireland as well as Orkney, Shetland, Mull, Islay, Lewis and all over the Scottish mainland.

Our ‘over-50’ category mixed crew (with two imported gig rowers from the USA) thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn’t disgrace themselves! What a great way to see the Clyde and the centre of Glasgow. We had an extra rower with us, plus an assistant cox. It was very good to be met at the finish by two well-kent Seileachs, Mary & Ray, en route to Jersey.

Curraghs, yoals, a Birlinn, 55 St Ayles skiffs, pilot gigs, jollyboats etc were all represented in the largest open water rowing event ever held in Scotland. It was also the largest number of St Ayles skiffs seen in one place, even at the World Championships.

The race was organised by the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association, together with the Galgael Trust, as part of the Clydebuilt Festival.

Photographs aplenty on our facebook page.

Summer 2017

Outings are routinely scheduled, by request, for Fridays at 1800, and Sundays at 1400, although of course folk can row at any time. The midweek afternoon outings have been abandoned as it is always very difficult to get enough folk interested. Should we continue to have fixed times, or should it always be ad hoc?

The routine is that the first one to pop their name up emails members 24 hours before the proposed outing, should there be a gap in the crew. Sue puts up the post, on the ‘Book A Rowing Session‘ each week, but this does not necessarily mean that she is free to row, unless she puts her name down of course! Occasionally, more exciting opportunities are also advertised on our facebook page.

Just to whet your appetite:

Sunday 14 May Glencoe
Melfort Muster 27 May
Loch Sunart Raid, 10/11 June
Iona Regatta, 28-30 July
CASTLE TO CRANE, 23 September (Clyde)
Tay Row, on a date (midweek) to be confirmed by Seil members.

Sign up on the Book a Rowing Session tab!

Tay Row

We have been invited by Broughty Ferry for a social row up to the Tay Railway Bridge. They will provide a Cox and a boat, and we would row in company. They have given various weekday options with good tides to help us on our way. accommodation could be provided. Anyone fancying a trip away, please contact Sue and we’ll sort a mutually suitable date. We would host them back here on a reciprocal visit.


For information:
(taken from the membership form)

Coxes/organisers for a rowing session should:
• Look up a weather forecast
• Check the tide
• Tell someone, who is not going out, when you expect to return
• Ring/tell this person you are safely back
• Check the boat equipment before going out
• Report any damage or missing items to a committee member
• Please treat Selkie and her equipment as though you, and friends of yours, had spent hundreds of hours making and painting her
• Everyone to wear a lifejacket onboard
• Make sure that at least one of the crew knows how use the VHF radio

To become an ‘approved cox’ (if you havn’t been on an SCRA coxing course), you should come out with an experienced cox (who can either be sitting in the passenger seat or rowing) to make sure that you know the ropes. Its good for everyone to take a turn in case the cox is taken ill; plus it gives a whole new dimension to rowing for you. Coxes need lots of extra clothes (and/or a dog) ru8v7q9.