Selkie has been entered for the following races at the World Skiff Championships in Ullapool, which are taking place from 8 to 14 July:

Over 60’s mixed, the Over 50’s mixed, the Over 40’s mixed, the ‘A’ team mixed and the ‘B’ team mixed. Also both there and back to the Summer Isles on the Tuesday for a BBQ.

Now all we need are some crews, coxes and supporters!

Please sign up here! Its the taking part that counts …

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2 Responses to SKIFFIE WORLDS

  1. bette hunter says:

    Who is coxswain, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I’d like to know who I’m replying to.

  2. NickB says:

    It’s the original admin account I set up . . . Could be Ewan or Sue. Nothing sinister!

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