Plan for September and Job List for the 5th

We have now completed all the tasks set out for the month of August, including everything in the last job list. As a result we have the complete skeleton for our new ship, all glued up and fixed to the floor. The task for September is to assemble and hang the planks, of which there are six on each side, then add the external stem sections and outer keel, all already made apart from final shaping.

This Wednesday we have the following to do.

Set up the base for scarfing the plank sections together and make sure it’s secure and level. The blockboard for this is already in position.

Assemble plank 1, port and starboard sections.

Bevel the keelson and inner stems to fit plank 1.

Left over from before – Clean up and sand the wee end pieces for the frame sections, that will go into the hull later.

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