Job list for 29 August

During the week the keelson and stems went up a hill to visit the wizard woodcutter, who trued up the keelson and reduced it to its finished size of four inches, then thicknessed the stem sections, so we’ve now got a complete kit of parts for the hull.

Meantime the fairies went to the shed and set up the moulds. On Wednesday we can:-

Finish the four frames, by giving them a nice radiused edge where they will be on the inside of the boat, then completing the sanding already started.

Fit parcel tape to all mould edges and surfaces that will be in contact with the boat.

Screw the frames to their respective moulds.

Cut the stems to fit the keelson.

Place the keelson in position.

Glue the keelson to the stems and frames.

Fit extension pieces from the stems to the floor and glue them in place.

If we get all this done I’ll be astonished. The next step is bevelling the surfaces that will take plank one.

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