Naming the boat – getting the community involved

We’ve asked the school if they would be interested in getting the kids to come up with names for the boat. It has also been suggested that they could design a logo or crest to be used for the pennant, crew shirts etc.

We are really hoping to get more young  people involved, though we realise that might only happen when the boat is built ad our rowers come out of the woodwork.

Meanwhile, if you think this rowing stuff  is a new, middle-class pastime check out this picture of some Easdale quarriers practicing for their next regatta:

Easdale quarriers training for a regatta circa 1880



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2 Responses to Naming the boat – getting the community involved

  1. Ewan Kennedy says:

    I wonder if anyone knows the name of the boat?

    Interesting that they favoured the rectangular section oars we will probably go with, at least for our first set. I’m not too sure about the waistcoats, teeshirts maybe better.

  2. Robbie Wightman says:

    It would be a shame to drop the waistcoats in favour of T-shirts, but is acceptable provided you adopt the impressive facial hair sported by these athletes.

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