Man wanted to make footbraces

The oars and rudder are in hand, but there is still a vital part of the skiff to be constructed.

The stroke oar’s footbrace is fixed, though we will be able to use blocks for shorter people. or the remaining three footbraces the current idea is to make them in the form of a rectangle where the runners slot over the actual frames of the boat and the distance is adjusted by either moving the whole device so a different slot is over the frame or possibly moving the footboard in separate slots in the top of the runners. Making the footbraces like this means the rowers will be bracing against the strongest part of the structure of the boat and the footbrace does not have to be actually glued into the boat.

(If anyone understands what on earth I am on about and can send me a drawing I can post here that would be very helpful!!)

Each footbrace will be slightly different due to the curve of the hull. What is needed is for someone to make templates out of cardboard then take them away and make the three footbraces. We have some heavy duty ply to make them out of, and one of the building team will be happy to come jup to the shed and explain in more detail what is required.

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