The fairies have been at it again

By this time we all know that there are fairies around the cowshed. On the whole they do more good than harm, sometimes doing a little fairing when the rest of us are away, but one or two of them have been naughty, like the mischievous elf who nicked the end of one of the frames at the very start out of annoyance at all the noise we were making. They have a fondness for pencils, which have been disappearing at a terrible rate, and on Sunday one of them made off with a measuring tape. When it was replaced she did something even worse, casting a spell that temporarily made the new one half an inch shorter, just when the stock for the stroke thwart was being measured. Fortunately we’re up to these bad creatures and the problem has been sorted with two little blocks that will be called dobbies, after the virtuous house-elf.

We’ve now got all four thwarts ready to be fixed in place on Sunday. The glue is currently stored in a nice warm place, so it will mix fine and start to go off, but the temperature is forecast to be so low that it won’t cure this month without help. We’ll need to cover the hull with a canopy and leave a light on inside to keep the temperature from dropping too far.

So, apart from putting on enough fleeces to keep yourself warm, would anyone coming on Sunday please bring along an old dustsheet, blanket or whatever?

Postcript 21 January

All done yesterday and we’ll keep the covers for when we add the winged keel. Thanks to all for lots of hard work and to Betty for the tea and cake.

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