Job List for 8 August

First, last week’s progress.

We got on with trimming the surplus pieces off the mould and frame sections and there’s a lot more of this to be done before we can assemble them on the building base.

Construction of the building base itself was completed.

The brackets were all cleaned up and since Wednesday some progress has been made with laminating the first stem section.

This Wednesday we can:-

Finish the Mould and Frame Pieces

Cut off the webs, smooth the frame sections for assembly.

We should cut the cross-spalls and dry fit everything for later assembly next week once the caterpillar is done.

A minor change of plan – it’s very useful to have the building base on which to laminate the stem sections, so we’ll delay permanent assembly to allow this.

Laminate another stem piece

We’ll check the one that’s been done, reset the brackets and do another.

 Tools and stuff report:-

If you have a Japanese pull-saw or similar please bring it. Having only one causes log-jams.

Don’t forget to collect used plastic tubs and bring them along. We need all we can get.

Some clear light plastic sheeting will be useful, to keep glue off the laminating board.

Job List for 1 August

First, where we’re at just now.

Last week we got most of the jobs on the list done and also found time to chat to the Kilmelford folk.

Construction of the building base went well, with the legs fitting the floor nicely and leaving only the wee two foot box to be done. (The fairies didn’t turn up later to finish it as they’d gone to Jura.)

It’s beginning to look like an mdf caterpillar, which might be its new name.

The 36 plank pieces are pretty well done.

Almost done was the heroic work of cutting out the mould and frame pieces, a much bigger job than anticipated.

This Wednesday we can:-

Complete the Caterpillar

Complete the wee third box, fine tune everything, then glue everything in place.

Finish the Mould and Frame Pieces

Cut off the webs, smooth the frame sections for assembly.

Cut the cross-spalls, dry fit everything for assembly next week once the caterpillar is done.

Prepare the Laminating Board and Brackets

The stem patterns need to be marked onto the board, then the stiffening pieces screwed to the back.

The brackets need to be cleaned of old tape and epoxy, then positioned and bolted to the base

Tools and stuff report:-

We now have a good supply of sandpaper, parcel tape for protecting edges from glue and a set of digital scales.