Painting Progress

The first coat of primer was put on the inside today. Unfortunately the epoxy filleting done yesterday had not gone off properly, so it was not possible to sand these areas down . . .  and there are still a couple of places where more epoxy is needed. There is also the fixed stretcher board for the stroke oar, which Ewan glued in place this morning. We didn’t paint these bits, and in addition we missed out the underside of the seats, as by the time we worked out that someone would have to lie on their back inside the boat to paint these bits there was too much wet paint around  for this to be possible.

So –  more accurately – the first coat of primer was put on 90% of the inside today. We are going to get some more epoxy  this week and finish the filleting on Thursday. We can then sand the whole interior and put the first coat of primer on the bits we were unable to paint today.  Then it will be full steam ahead with the rest of the painting.

Nothing is ever as quick or simple as you think it will be the first time around . . .

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  • March 14, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    An update on painting progress … we spent this afternoon sanding and chipping off blobs of epoxy from the inside of the hull, and lots of hoovering and brushing. Another session is planned for tomorrow (Friday) at 1500, filleting under the thwarts and breasthooks with the new epoxy. At least it is a bit warmer now! Its taking half a week for one coat to dry completely, so as Nick said, its slow progress. More painters to join the team, who are able to make themselves free midweek, would be good!

    A second coat of primer is planned for Sunday’s regular session, so wear your painting clothes!

    • March 24, 2013 at 10:14 pm

      The second coat of primer has been put off until Tuesday (26th) … 1) it was VERY cold on Sunday 2) the first (thinned) coat of primer was still wet along the keel – and 3) part of Nick’s roof had blown off in the gales!

      Starting at 1400 – please come if you can!

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