Moving the building sessions to Sunday afternoon

By this time next week we hope that the last planks (6 port and starboard) will have been hung.  At this point we have a boat, but the hard work begins. So far the building team has consited of a  ‘hard core’ of seven or eight people,  but now we need an army of finishers, sanders, scrapers, painters etc. to produce a boat that Seil can be proud of.

After next Wednesday (17th Oct) we are hoping to move the building sessions to Sunday afternoon 2pm – 5pm. This is partly because Wednesday evenings are getting cold and dark and partly because we hope  this will allow more people to come along and help for an hour or so. No previous skill or experience is required, just the desire to spend an hour or so helping to fashion something beautiful and purposeful.

Portsoy skiff racing 2011


One thought on “Moving the building sessions to Sunday afternoon

  • October 11, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    I asked a weel kent Seil lady if she would be interested in rowing tonight. She said she would love to, but she hadn’t bought a share so wasn’t eligible.

    I was dismayed to hear this. Buying a ‘share’ in the boat confers no privileges. This is a community project, for everyone. Some contribute by paying, some by helping to build the boat, some by rowing it. Rowing is what it is really all about, so if you would like to row let us know – the more the better. It will cost you nothing except some sweat!

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