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Further to Nick’s post earlier the few among us who have not been constantly out on the Sound practising racing starts and turns will have noticed that the heats and lanes were selected by secret ballot at Portsoy last weekend.

 Nothing focuses the mind better than to see the name of one’s club listed alongside some of the toughest crews in the game (no names).

 In accordance with our egalitarian principles all the five races which we have entered are mixed ones and those who have not yet indicated a preference for a particular category should note that the ages specified are minimums. Thus:

 Those of us with bus passes can row in any of the races for which we have entered.

 Those under 60 but over 50 can row on Wednesday at 14.00 (50+), Thursday at 11.30 (Open A) or 13.00 (Open B) or Friday at 12.30 (40+).

 Those under 50 but over 40 can row on Thursday at 11.30 (Open A) or 13.00 (Open B) or Friday at 12.30 (40+).

 Those lucky enough to be under 40 can only row on Thursday at 11.30 (Open A) or 13.00 (Open B).

 No person can row in both Open A and Open B.

 Here are the results of the draws in respect of our races:


50+ Mixed Heat 2 Wednesday 10th July 1400hrs                                                                                                                   

Lane    Club

1          WSV Woudrichem

2          Isle of Seil CR

3          Coigach Community Rowing

4          Newburgh Rowing Club

5          St Ayles (Anstruther)

6          Blakeney CRC

7          Lake Champalin

8          Ullapool CRC

9          Pittenweem RC

10       Islay

NOTE: Having won our heat we will proceed to the final on Thursday at 11.00am.


Open Mixed A Heat 1 Thursday 11th July 1130hrs                                                                                                     

Lane    Club

1          Royal West (Greenock)

2          Loch Broom SC

3          Bunillidh RC (Helmsdale)

4          North Berwick RC

5          Isle of Seil CR

6          Newhaven CRC

7          Blakeney CRC

8          Troon CRC

9          Stornoway RC

10       Portsoy Skiffettes

11       Newburgh Rowing Club (Fife)

12       Pittenweem RC

NOTE The final for this is the same day at 15.00


Open Mixed B Heat 2 Thursday 11th July 1300hrs                                         

Lane    Club

1          Wind and Oar Boat School

2          Isle of Seil

3          Carrick CRC

4          North Berwick RC

5          Bunillidh RC (Helmsdale)

6          Stornoway RC

7          Loch Broom SC

8          St Ayles (Anstruther)

9          Moravian Academy

10       Troon CRC

11       Ullapool CRC

NOTE The final for this is the same day at 15.30




40+ Mixed Heat 2 Friday 12th July 1230hrs                                                    

Lane    Club

1          (S) Queensferry RC

2          Isle of Seil CR

3          North Queensferry CRC

4          Islay

5          Stornoway RC

6          WSV Woudrichem

7          Coigach Community Rowing

8          Carrick CRC

9          North Berwick RC

10       Blakeney CRC

11       Loch Broom SC

12       Boatie Blest (PS&C)

NOTE The final for this is the same day at 14.30




60+ Mixed FINAL Saturday 13th July 1330hrs                                                 

Lane    Club

1          Isle of Seil RC

2          Coigach Coomunity Rowing

3          Ullapool CRC

4          Blakeney CRC

5          St Ayles (Anstruther)

6          Troon CRC

7          RowPorty

8          North Berwick RC


I hope that this information enables everyone to finalise their plans for Ullapool. It is absolutely essential that you let a member of the committee know your availability and preferences as soon as possible. It’s not too late to take part in training, which is bookable on this website.

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