Jobs for Sunday 26 January

Happily the glue went off all right, despite the slightly chilly conditions and also thanks to Nick B’s excellent heater. Of course this just means that from now on there’s absolutely no possible excuse for failing to make progress, no matter how cold or horrid the weather.

In the immediate aftermath of the thwarts going in we need to clean up some (but very few) glue drips, round off the edges of the frame ends to match the main sections that were done earlier and fillet round where the thwarts meet the hull so that everything’s nice for painting.

We need to cut the stem ends to length and shape them with suitable artistry, preferably before taking photos for Scotland Outdoors Magazine.  Iain O’s drawing  has the forward stem cut off three inches above the sheer and the aft one two and a half (as Mother used to say if all else fails read the instructions) and we’ll go with that unless anyone has a better idea.

The next big job is making and fitting the gunwales and breasthooks. We can make a start at marking out where the various bits will go on the hull. A trial bending of the stock today showed that both the Red Meranti and the Dougie Fir are supple enough to take the curve of the sheer without worries.

A really good push over the next couple of weeks will see the hull ready for the painting team.


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