Jobs for 3 February

It’s looking warm enough for gluing, but we’ve had to slice the longer blocks so that they bend without distorting the hull, so they’ll be going in in two stages, the first tomorrow before we leave.

We’ll sort out the pieces for the inwales and cut them to rough length, freeing up stock to chop for the shorter blocks, which we can also glue in.

We can do some filleting round the thwarts to use up any surplus glue.

I suspect the fairies will be back during the week as I’m sure they’re looking forward to spying on the painting tribe, who will soon be in action.

One thought on “Jobs for 3 February

  • February 22, 2013 at 1:30 pm

    Visited the skiff this morning, Friday 22 Feb. to admire progress! Wow!

    I hoped to add 1/2″ radius fillets of microfibres & silica above, beneath and on the front edges of the thwarts, between the top of the breasthooks and the gunwhales, and under the breasthooks, but the resin was, like me, frozen! The fillet takes away a potential stress point… otherwise on impact the sharp edge of the end of a thwart would easily punch its way through the planking… the fillet dulls the sharp edge. The breast hook holds the shape of the gunwhales, and needs a good gluing area to those parts.

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