Job List for 25 July

First, where we’re at just now.

We’ve made a good start with getting most of the parts for the building base (must stop calling them the coffins) cut out and the sides assembled. These need to be completed and fitted.

The 36 plank pieces have been marked and cut from their sheets and the other parts marked for cutting.

Nick H sourced some fine Douglas Fir for the keel and hog, which has now been machined and thicknessed. On his next trip he’ll get hold of timber for the laminating strips for the stems.

This Wednesday we can:-

~ Complete the Coffins

~ Assemble all three, then trim the legs to fit the floor, check that everything is square and level and shim the legs as required for gluing. May get these glued as well, but if not this will be done by the fairies during the week.
(Meantime the mould pieces can be cut out, cleaned up and set aside to go on the base in due course)

~ Finish the Plank Pieces; they’re basically fine but need a little sanding and checking over.

~  Prepare the Laminating Board and Brackets

~ The stem patterns need to be marked onto the board, then the stiffening pieces screwed to the back.

~ The brackets need to be cleaned of old tape and epoxy, then positioned and bolted to the base

Tools and stuff needed:-

~ a laser level or similar would be wonderful. There’s a spirit level onsite.
~ a jigsaw or two, and a fine sharp saw or a Japanese pullsaw. There’s one of the latter onsite, but a second would speed us up.
~ sandpaper.


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