Gunwales still nearly done

This is taking a bit longer than we bargained for, probably because we were rude about the fairies but maybe also because our work at these critical points is highly visible and has to be right.

We had to put the inwales in two stages as we didn’t have sufficient clamps to do the lot at one go and unthinkingly did a complete side first, but it would have been better to glue in two forward or two aft pieces together, as we could have then ensured they fitted each they perfectly. As it was although everything was fine on the dry run we had to re-trim one end of the second side when we came to glue it in, as its partner had slid forward a couple of millimetres.

Now we’re absolutely on the last lap with the external pieces almost ready for glueing. Again the shortage of clamps means one side at a time and we’ll try to get at least the first one done before Sunday, when there will again be plenty to do.

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