Build a Boat for Seil

During a well attended inaugural open meeting in Seil Hall on 18th May enthusiasm and support was such that the decision was made to take the idea forward to ‘Build a Boat for Seil’.  Initially a ‘skiff kit’ is to be purchased, which will be built on Seil.  As summer is hopefully not too far away the aim is to get the boat built and in the water before the rowing season is over.   If we can raise the money quickly we could have the kit delivered by early June.

Rowing and regattas were traditionally a part of many coastal areas in Scotland with local communities competing against each other.   In recent years interest has burgeoned, and now many communities in Scotland and beyond have built, or are building, their own skiffs (lightweight rowing boats).  The crew is normally four oarsmen and a coxswain.  See more at .

Join in this great community project.  There are three ways in which you can participate.

FUNDRAISING –  Sixty four non redeemable shares are available to purchase at £60 each (more than one may be purchased by an individual or organisation).  For the purposes of registration, a ship is traditionally divided into 64 shares. Ownership of these shares will confer no special privileges when it comes  to rowing, but you will receive an attractive share certificate and be kept in touch with the project with regular newsletters should you so wish.

PRACTICAL  –  Help to build the boat if you can spare some time (evenings mainly).  Two local individuals, who have built many boats between them, have volunteered to manage the building, but they need assistance.  Whilst woodwork and painting skills are desirable there will be many other jobs.

COMPETITIVE  –  Once the boat is completed rowers will be required.  It is hoped that there will be teams of all ages, from juniors to over 50’s (or maybe over 60’s), ladies teams etc.  It will be a great fun way of socialising and getting some exercise.

It is anticipated that once the first boat is completed others will be built by local communities; Luing and Kilmelford have expressed an interest. This will provide  Seil with competition and a second Seil boat might be on the cards.  The First St. Ayles World Championships are in Ullapool in July 2013.  We want to be there.

If you want to purchase a share to help the project then  simply make out a cheque for £60 made payable to  Seil Island Community Hall ‘Boat Fund’ and return it to:

Seil Coastal Rowing,
c/o Easdale Medical Practice, Clachan Seil, Oban, PA34  4TL


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  • May 20, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Well done for getting to this position. Fantastic idea for fundraising. Good luck with the project. See you on the water.

    Adam Graham
    Hon Secretary
    Royal West of Scotland ABC

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