Battleship Grey done!

A couple of us finished the third, and final, topcoat of battleship grey this evening.

The ice blue on the thwarts still needs extending (two coats?). On Sunday, we need a final coat on the rudder, and then coats two and three need to be done on the gunwhales/shear and the hull. Nearly there!!!

Sorry I can’t be there again on Sunday as I shall be (gainfully) employed elsewhere.


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5 Responses to Battleship Grey done!

  1. Sue Fenton says:

    No more painting possible this week, apparently, until the hull is turned after structural work.

  2. NickB says:

    Structural work?

  3. Ewan Kennedy says:

    I can’t promise to get the jarra wood pads on until after the weekend, when I’ll be on Luing, but they can easily be done later without interfering with painting work. If you can get the boat turned over and the final coat of blue on the outside we an get the rubbing strips screwed on.

    I ordered the metal tangs for the rudder gear and they weren’t in stock, so will be next week.

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