5th Feb – more inwhale work

Today we began to glue the small inwhale support blocks in place. TheĀ main purpose of this construction is to leave holes for water to drain out if the boat is left inverted; this is a place wooden boats that tend to get left upside down often rot. With holes all the way along the outer edge of the inwhale water will be able to drain freely.

The blocks are 3″ and they are spaced with approximately six and a half inch gaps. (The actual spacing varies slightly due to the position of frame tops and and the long oar support pieces). We ended up with 15 pieces per side; due to a shortge of clamps we decided to do one side at a time.

Short blocks glued and clamped, starboard side
Short blocks glued and clamped, starboard side

As usual there was a lot of cleaning up of squeezed-out glue afterwards, which is used to fill any gaps andĀ  smooth wee fillets along sharp corners.

You can get an idea of what the finished gunwhales will look like from this picture of the Queensferry skiff ‘Ferry Lass’ at her launch:

'Ferry Lass' at her launch

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